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Actively contribute to the protection of the Presena glacier

The idea behind the project

Our first project deals with the Presena Glacier in the district Pontedilegno-Tonale. It is a glacier on which winter skiing is practiced and on which, since the summer of 2008 an activity is fielded active protection of the glacier through the use of white tarpaulins. This practice is aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change on the glacier, slow down its meltingand allow all of us to live it longer.

"By adopting" part of the Presena Glacier you will contribute to its protection and to the maintenance of its volume during the summer months. 

How?Glac-UP together with the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium will take care of drafting special sheets in the months from May to September. These, laid out on the glacier, reflect sunlight and protect the underlying layer of snow and ice from heat and ultraviolet rays. 


Upon request, it is possible to receive a custom certificate demonstrating support!

Write to after the purchase!


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