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Alpine glaciers are victims of climate change: a reduction in volume of up to 89% is expected by the end of this century. We all need to be more responsible every day!

Together for the Alpine Glaciers

Scientists tell us that up to 90% of Alpine glaciers will melt by the end of the century.

We at Glac-UP have a dream: to build a sustainable future by raising awareness among people and companies.

This is why we are committed to  protect and enhance Alpine glaciers and the mountain communities that live with them

I nostri progetti


At GLAC-UP we operate in two main directions: we create local projects And we do awareness activities for companies and young people on climate change issues



Sustainability and team building : clean-up on the Stelvio

Choose Bormio and the "Vedretta Piana" glacier!

The project - operated with the support of the scientific community and local bodies and authorities - aims to actively protectthe local landscape heritage and the glacial ecosystem, freeing it from the presence of various materials abandoned over the decades by the passage of man. 

Glac-UP promotes several clean-up operations on the glacier, contributing at the same time to finance scientific research activities, the focus of which will be on the quantity and nature of the macro-plastics collected and on the quantification of microplastics by means of sampling of supra-glacial sediments.

Aware that the change happens first and foremost in the mind of those who have to implement it, these activities will then be addededucation and awareness initiatives on the issues of pollution and climate change with the partners who will support Glac-UP.



A tangible action for your company

Find out what you can do to Macugnaga!


Faced with such alarming scenarios, Glac-UP is committed to promoting the intergenerational conservation of the memory of Alpine glaciers. What is taken for granted for us today will no longer be taken for granted tomorrow.


Because of this, at the foot of the magnificent Monte Rosa, Glac-UP, in concert with AMVA and local authorities, promoteslandscape enhancement activities, contributing to:


  • Preservation of the history of the glacier and the location

  • People's awareness of the disruptive effects of climate change.

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Together for the Presena

Our first project deals with Presena glacier, in the Pontedilegno-Tonale district.


It is a glacier on which winter skiing is practiced and on which, since the summer of 2008, active protection of the glacier has been implemented through the use of white tarpaulins. This practice is aimed at mitigate the effects of climate change on the glacier, slow down its fusion and allow all of us to live it longer. With Glac-UP, from today everyone can take part in this activity, without which the Presena glacier would no longer exist!


For yours employees and Italian schools


Glac UP Academy


Fund climate change lessons in schools


Corporate webinars


GLAC-UP is the first startup that deals with the enhancement and protection of Alpine glaciers


Who has decided to trust us and protect the glaciers with us


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