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We believe that succeeding in this endeavor is like climbing a mountain: we cannot do it alone

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With Glac-UP you can make a concrete action for the awareness of your employees and the protection of Alpine glaciers. Engage customers, collaborators and stakeholders in this endeavor with our support



Are you looking for a way to spread environmental and social awareness in your company?

Create a competent and aware team by involving your employees in an ethical and exciting project with the addition of training moments on environmental issues. 

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team building and corporate awareness

Do you want to share your commitment and directly involve your stakeholders?

Glac-UP can help you engage them in glacier conservation with a new and positive story.

Local Project Management

Are you looking for a way to increase reputation of your brand in a transparent and concrete way? 

Do you want to make your product special and get people talking about it?

With Glac-UP you can devise a valuable strategy that makes your business stand out and reach new customers.

Communication Support


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Sustainability and Team Building: clean-up on the Stelvio

Choose Bormio and the "Vedretta Piana" glacier!

The project - operated with the support of the scientific community and local bodies and authorities - aims to actively protect the local landscape heritage and the glacial ecosystem, freeing it from the presence of various materials abandoned over the decades by the passage of man. 



A tangible action for your company

Find out what you can do toMacugnaga!


Faced with such alarming scenarios, Glac-UP is committed to promoting the intergenerational conservation of the memory of Alpine glaciers. What is taken for granted for us today will no longer be taken for granted tomorrow.


Because of this, at the foot of the magnificent Monte Rosa, Glac-UP, in concert with AMVA and local authorities, promoteslandscape enhancement activities, contributing to:

  • Preservation of the history of the glacier and the location

  • People's awareness of the disruptive effects of climate change.


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Glac-UPxStelvio e Awareness

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With Glac-UP you can take a tangible action to safeguard glaciers. Engage customers,

Glac-UPxPresena and awareness

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