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Our mission

Glac-UP was created to safeguard and enhance Alpine glaciers by involving people, companies, the scientific community and local communities.

Our mission is supported by two pillars: awareness-raising activities and local projects 



Alpine glaciers are the first victims of climate change but they will not be the last. Rising temperatures and a lack of snow are devastating these white giants. There is only one solution: to limit the increase in global temperatures to well below 2°C compared to the pre-industrial period (as stipulated by the 2015 Paris Agreement), in order to save up to 40% of the ice in the Alps today. This is why Glac-UP's first objective is to raise awareness among people, companies and institutions on the issue of the disappearance of Alpine glaciers, its causes, consequences and the need to adopt sustainable behaviours. This means on the one hand using our communication channels to raise the awareness of the Glac-UP public on the issue and on the other hand working directly alongside companies, communities and the younger generation by organising conferences, workshops, seminars and much more.



In addition to awareness-raising activities, Glac-UP is organizing targeted activities that benefit specific glaciers in the Alps. We started by supporting an active protection project and are now working to launch a clean-up project and a monitoring project. The novelty of the 'Glac-UP System' lies in the involvement of people and companies in these targeted initiatives: we offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to our efforts on the glaciers on which we operate, in order to protect and enhance them.


The strength of the Glac-UP system lies in its flexibility: we are dynamic and strive to continuously improve, in order to tackle increasingly complex problems. 

Climate change and environmental destruction require us to evolve to deal with ever new and complex problems, and Glac-UP fully reflects this dynamism and continuous desire to evolve in order to always be ready to face new demands.

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